I am Nathan Goodfellow, a graphic artist, web designer & developer, photographer, videographer and computer guru from Austin, Texas. I have been working with computers for over 15 years.  I have worked on several websites and also created countless designs.  I specialize in live video and visual mixing.  I am currently available for hire, please contact me.


I have a large number of professional services and skills I am proficient in:

  • Graphic Design –  I am an experienced graphic designer and animator and I can design logos, signs, custom animations and more!
  • Event Production – I have worked a large number of events, large and small.  I offer a number of event services but I specialize in live video mixing with visual clips and special effects.
  • Web Development – I am a very experienced web developer and have created a number of websites with a variety of functionality and purposes.
  • Photography – I am an experienced photographer and can adapt my skills to produce quality photographs from a variety of shooting environments.
  • Videography – As an experienced camera operator I am familiar with a number of camera tricks for creating special effects.
  • Inventory Sales & Liquidation –  I am an experienced inventory liquidator and can help you turn your items into cash.
  • Technical Services – With a lifetime of computer and technical experience I consider myself to be a computer guru.
  • Custom Installations – I can professionally install a number of home or business electronics including networks, sound, video, lighting and more.