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he has given or he will give


small, humble, or scarce


an affable companionable person


    Nathan Goodfellow

    Nathan Goodfellow

    Multimedia Producer

    Creative, and detail-oriented professional with over fifteen years of technical experience.
    Provides high-level design, development, and support. Able to manage complex projects that require collaboration, leadership, and organization. Understands complex architecture, and detail design. Excels both independently and as part of a collaborative team.


    Areas of Expertise

    Media Production • Website Design • Project Management • Content Development • Programming • Marketing • SEO / SEM • Network / Server Management • Technical Support • Troubleshooting / Testing • 360 Photography & Videography • Video Mixing & Editing • Lighting & DMX Programming

    Licenses & Certifications

    Technical Skills


    I’ve worked with Nathan at Q2 and we are also good friends. Nathan is very passionate in his work. He goes the extra mile to make sure he is doing a great job and serving his customers professionally. He has a keen eye, close attention to detail and is also very creative in his approach to solving problems. He is not only great in his work life but is also very caring for other. He often goes out of his way to be helpful and do charitable deeds for his community.

    Mike Hale

    Senior Software Engineer, Q2

    Nathan Goodfellow was such a pleasure to work with as he was timely, organized, and highly communicative! Nathan really represented the art and digital community! He represented what #LinkedInLocal really meant at its humble grass roots. Thank you Nathan for all you do! Truly recommend!
    Miranda Rose Lozano

    Fashion and Events Consultant, LinkedIn Local

    Nathan is one of the most talented and prolific photographers in Austin! Highly recommend working with him on professional projects!.

    Mike Holp

    Digital Wizard

    Nathan is a strong individual who has equal capacity to work alone or be an integral part of any team project. The enthusiasm and drive he brings to the work place and shares with his customer base is something I feel that all businesses would appreciate and desire to help their businesses flourish.

    Andrew Hagle

    Associate Applications Development Analyst IV, Q2